I'm here!


I have just slept for 8,5 ours. The clock is 6 am here and I can't sleep anymore. 

The flight from London went well yesterday. 11 ours! I'm so proud that i went by my self!  When i arrived to LA I had to do all the control things and I thought for a while that I'm going to miss my supershuttle. I think I did, but i got on the next one! It took almost 3 ours to get to my school / room! Crazy traffic! A staff met me up here and show me my room, we are 8 gals who will be living here, and 8 boys in the apartment next to us. The funniest thing was that my roomie dance as well , and is a hip hop teacher at her home country. So I will follow here to the famous dance studio to take a hip hop class some day ! Omg! Haha! 

We went out to get food yesterday and LA is like a remember it ! AMAZING!  It's LIFE everywhere 😍 

Today I'm having a test to se what class I will join. 

See u later ! 

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